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GAMBLING IN ARKANSAS 2022, The landscape of online wagering in Arkansas has been similar to that of most American states

GAMBLING IN ARKANSAS 2022, The landscape of online wagering in Arkansas has been similar to that of most American states, slow but steady progress toward full legalization. 온라인카지노

The Arkansas Racing Commission approved mobile sports betting for casinos earlier this year

in February 2022, with the approval of the Arkansas Legislature Joint Budget Committee.

light of the Administrative Rule Review Subcommittee’s recommendations, the Joint Budget Committee approved the rule.

This rule would legalize mobile sports wagering in Arkansas, just in time for the NCAA basketball tournament’s March Madness.

Casinos with ready-to-go sports betting apps may launch at that time,” Scott Hardin, the state’s Department of Finance Administrator, said.

We anticipate that at least one of the state’s three casinos will have an app available before March 13

the first day of March Madness [when the tournament’s teams are announced].”

Saracen Casino Resort, Southland Casino, and Oaklawn Racing Casino are the three casinos in Arkansas.

A newly established brand (Legends Resort) was granted a license to build a business in Arkansas in November 2021.

BetSaracen, a sports betting app in the works at Saracen Casino Resort, has been in the works for more than a year.

“We’ve been working on BetSaracen for a year, so today’s vote is exciting for Arkansas and for us,” said Carlton Saffa, chief marketing officer at Saracen Casino Resort.

Delays in accepting mobile sports bets within Arkansas were caused by payment processors and app store compliance;

at the same time, many companies were unavailable for March Madness; they are now operational.

Overall, it’s a big win for the state. According to a spokesperson for Southland Casino Racing

everyone is overjoyed with the approval of the proposed sports betting rules because the proceeds will benefit the state.

“This will enable Southland to build on our significant economic and community investments in West Memphis and the state

including our $250 million expansion that will open this year,” Natalie Carlson said.

“We’re excited to offer mobile sports wagering across Arkansas through our Betly app in the coming weeks

making it even easier for Southland customers and others in the state to start betting on their favorite teams.”

“Many customers already use the Betly sportsbooks kiosks at Southland,” she added.

“The downloadable app will be a familiar extension of our sports betting experience, allowing them to play conveniently at home and throughout the state.”

In agreement, Wayne Smith, general manager of Oaklawn Racing Casino, is excited about the addition of mobile sports wagering in Arkansas.

“Oaklawn will work hard to make our mobile platform available to the public in the next quarter or so,” Smith said.

We took a more conservative approach and waited for approval from the racing commission

and the Legislature before we began working with our vendor GAN to get our mobile platform ready.”

“Our mobile platform will mirror the same wagering menu that Oaklawn offers its guests on the property

which rivals any national brand’s menu available today.” Oaklawn Sports will be the brand Arkansans trust, just as Oaklawn is today,” Smith added. 카지노사이트

When it comes to betting handle, BetMGM is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the neighboring state of Tennessee.

With incredible rewards programs that are specifically linked to MGM Resorts –

where customers can cash benefits at one of many MGM hotels/establishments – they’re a difficult company to compete with.

However, Betly Sportsbook was able to launch its iOS sports betting app last week.

Betly was readily available for March Madness, but it was limited to web browsers.

“It took a little time to work through the respective app store processes

but now the app is readily available for download, so everyone in Arkansas

who wants to can have fun with the ongoing pro basketball playoffs and other wagering

opportunities,” said Luisa Woods, vice president of marketing for Delaware North’s gaming division.

What about BetSaracen?

Despite promises made, promises have not been fulfilled…yet. Arkansas bettors are eagerly awaiting

the arrival of BetSaracen, which was expected to be available before March Madness.

Saracen Casino has not released a web browser version of its betting platform, but they have been active on social media

causing frustration for their followers. One Twitter post featured an image of the BetSaracen logo from the Arkansas State football spring practice.

“Right net to the ad for ‘Bigfoot fur groomers,’ because both don’t exist,” one customer responded

while another said, “All the marketing and zero use of the product!” ”.

Arkansas residents have few options, and BetSaracen consistently promoted its launch during February and March.

However, now that the launch has been postponed and we’re in May, the Saracen Casino executive and the BetSaracen social accounts have gone eerily silent, with no sign of an update in sight.

As BetSaracen customers deal with false promises, Betly remains the only local legal online sports betting option in Arkansas.

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort has announced that their online sports betting platform will be available in the third quarter of 2022. 카지노 블로그