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Spring MAC Loud & Clear Collection

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Spring MAC Loud, knew as soon as I saw this collection on Instagram that it would be 'a little piece of me.

Spring MAC Loud, knew as soon as I saw this collection on Instagram that it would be ‘a little piece of me,’ as today’s youth say (said in semi sarcastic old person tone). 바카라사이트

Everything about it was appealing, from the product colors to the packaging. The MAC Loud & Clear Collection features matte translucent packaging

That houses a variety of pink and peach tones ranging from lip gloss to lipstick, as well as the two standout pieces of the embossed highlighters that are the focus of the collection.

To show you, I have a mix of things that I purchased and PR samples that were supplied to me. So let’s look at the hues more closely.

I knew I’d be enamored with the highlighter colours, so I bought both of them, plus a double of one so keep a watch on Instagram for a small giveaway coming soon.

The MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish comes in two shades:

Post-modernist Peach’ and ‘Hot Damn-oiselle D’Avignon.’ The postmodernist peach is a light peach with a cold toned finish.

Then there’s Hot damn-oiselle D’Avignon, a warmer pinky peach tone that’s similar to the notorious NARS Orgasm.

The embossing/3D ripple texture of the powder, which appears like a close-up of a feather, drew my attention to both of them.

They’re stunning to look at, and the colors are quite attractive and flattering to wear.

There are five lipstick tones, five lip glass colors, and six single eyeshadows in the collection.

In addition to the two highlight tones, I purchased a lipstick (Sugar Sweet Cameo), a lipglass (Heart Heist), and an eye shadow (Keep Stijl).

I also have the lip glass shade Voyeur-is-me and the eyeshadow Trompe L’Ol samples.

The eyeshadows are all matte neutral tones with a matte feel. They give me a ‘cool Parisian babe’ vibe.

Keep Stijl’s matte pinky tones aren’t generally my style, but there’s something about them that appeals to me.

Even though it gives me slight flashbacks to a Rimmel London eyeshadow I had when I was about 14 that led to my friend’s mum asking if I had been crying when she saw me wear it 카지노사이트

I am hoping my makeup skills might be a tad better than they were at 14

Trompe L’Ol is a pale sand nude eye makeup hue that is simple to wear.

It works pretty well with a matte and mixing with the pink to soften it.

The two lip glass hues are both incredibly nice and creamy. I’m glad to see lip gloss making an appearance after a few seasons of being all about lipstick.

Because it is easier to apply on the go and requires less maintenance. That is, as long as it is not a windy day.

Heart Heist is a somewhat filthy baby pink, whereas Voyeur-is-me is a creamy brown toned nude (in a good way).

The lipstick hue I chose (which also happened to be the PR sample) is Sugar Sweet Cameo, which is a rosy pink in the bullet but has a faint terracotta shade to it when applied.

It’s the kind of shade I would have discarded a few years ago, but as my preferences evolve, I find this kind of warm tone incredibly wearable, and it’s already a solid favorite of mine.

It has a matte finish, but it doesn’t feel like it – it’s quite creamy to apply.

Overall, this collection is a makeup lover’s dream. I love the clear matte packaging, which is still in the iconic MAC forms but with a modern twist. 카지노 블로그